Day #2 (almost), Data Detox

Spent the ½ hour this morning doing my #datadetox which is really about finding out how much Google knows about you and getting a handle on your privacy settings within your browser (which recently has been Chrome for me). After doing my one Gmail account/persona in Chrome though, I realize I still need to do my other accounts! I use four different emails (2 gmail, 2 not but gmail-linked) across three different Chrome personas, and each needs to be be detoxed separately.

Is Google my BFF? That’s their question. Still not sure how I’d answer that (since my BFF is more than someone I share things with, but anyway) … Chrome clearly knows A LOT about me. And my activity is all very clearly tracked here in Chrome (see to see your own).

Interesting that when you go to manage your activity, the way that Google frames it’s relationship to the data it has on you, ie. 


Okay, now the plan is to:

  • finish the detox
  • switch to Firefox