Day #5, Data Detox

Day #5 is pretty rad and all about your phone and the #infosphere around us. I downloaded The Architecture of Radio which shows me these photos of what is around me in terms of a info systems, etc. In these screenshots you can see that there are a lot of cell towers, wifi (oops, less captured here, but I could see them too), GPS, other satellites (US, Russia, Direct TV). I am also sharing my direct location at this time so I erased that part out … don’t want to toxify things while I detox!

I can’t help but wonder what all this does to our brains and to the larger ecosystem/biosphere; not to mention all the space things/space junk floating around this planet. 

My other favorite part was the simple act of renaming my phone. It’s now named “Marcy the Cat has beautiful green eyes” just because that makes me happy to might make others happy too.

Here is Marcy the Cat btw: