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A set of social tools we’ll use in ED677 is Google +. This is because we will be engaging in Google Hangouts and also hanging out in our Arcadia Connected Learning Network G+ Community.

Visit our Community: Arcadia Connected Learning Network

If you are a student at Arcadia, you should have one already connected to your Gmail — it just has to be activated. In addition to proving helpful in ED677, your Google account will give you access to useful tools like Google Docs and Drive, Google Calendar, Google Classroom, and more.

How to set up Google +

If you are enrolled in ED677 and have an Arcadia University email, the instructions below should get you started with G+ and our related G+ Community. If you aren’t enrolled and/or lack an Arcadia account go here for some good instruction on getting started with G+.

1. Log into your Arcadia email. And click on the box next to your address to the right. And then choose +You.


2. From here you will be invited to join Google +.  Please make a note that Arcadia continues to also manage your G+ account (Click “learn more” to find out exactly what that means.)


3. You can ignore all the invitations to add friends and follow things … you can always come back to this later if you’d like.

Add option

4. Set up your profile. Now you should have a G+ homepage that looks something like this:


5. Notice if you hover over Home you have many more options here:

Home hover

6. Visit the Community page.

Community Home

7. Add any communities you’d like. You can also search for the “Arcadia Connected Learning Network Community.”

Search for network community

8. This community is public but the membership is managed by me and other Connected Learning course facilitators. Please request to join.

Request to Join

9. Once your request to approved then you should turn on Notifications so that new posts also arrive in your email (you can turn this off later if it’s annoying, but it can be useful).


10. Now you are ready to post something. “Share what’s new …” is the place to start.

11. You could also engage in a Google Hangout now that you have Google +. There are private Google Hangouts as well as Google Hangouts “On Air”. Joe Dillon, a teacher consultant of the Denver Area Writing Project and technology integration specialist of the Aurora Public School District, put together this video to show you how you could set up a basic hangout among friends/colleagues.

12. We will use Google Hangout On Air when we gather face-to-face online at ED677. It works in a similar way but is broadcast live over Google and YouTube. These gatherings will be broadcast live as well as archived on the Our Gatherings page. More directions about how to connect into the live Hangout will be forthcoming.

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